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Mr.Jamal Zohourian’s article is about motherland book

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Composing and arranging are subjects that a few people can come up with in an accurate and professional way. Although, in the turbulent market without a supervisor and with the prevalence of electronic music and cyberspace, many people claim to be Composer and arranger- I do not want to talk about this here- recently, six books have been published from Mr Peyman Shirali, which inspires the presence of a young and at the same time skilled and diligent composer and arranger, that the music of these days is very much in need of such people.

Here, I’m focusing more on his books, which are about composing and arranging for classical guitar (Though he is the perfect composer for all instruments and I’ve heard very beautiful songs in the Dastgah music and classical orchestra.)

In the review of the books, it is well seen that to attract those who are not familiar with the original Iranian music, arranging of original Iranian songs for classical guitar and their harmony has been done with a lot of obsession and the notes have been tangled in such a way that they are attractive to classical guitarists of other countries. With this method, it is possible to make Iranian music for classical guitarists all around the world. Songs like Khazan-e-Eshgh, Pari Kajai, Ayran, Isfahan’s prologue and Morgh-e-Sahar are the examples of classical music and songs like Ayrlique, Sari Glin and Kochlerare are the examples of local Iranian music that are well-arranged in these books.

Composing or arranging for classical guitar has its own rules and frameworks. This instrument, which is known as the Miniature Orchestra, has its own techniques and voicing that making it a perfect solo instrument. Harmony, relations and arranging topics on this instrument are fully accessible.

Various techniques and colours of a voice, the familiarity of composer or arranger with subordinate harmonics in vibrating strings, giving good voice from flageolets, pizzicato slides, steccatos, vibratos, good bass moves and their good arranging, Secure passages in octaves and choose the correct position to hear the melody in the arranging are all of the features of this instrument that are well-used by Mr. Peyman Sherali.

Of course, we should not ignore the role of his very good playing in the proper use of the devices, because for a good arranging or making a technical but nice track, must be completely familiar with classical guitar playing. What I saw in his books is a combination of proper techniques for creating cool sound in the correct wording of the melody.

These books are published in six volumes. I can summarize each volume in a few sentences:

– The first volume, “The Silk Road”, has 40 pieces in different levels of playing that includes composers from the Far East to the West (The name of this book also refers to this subject). In this volume, it is seen from classical, Azeri and Armenian music to movie music and several songs of the author himself as well.

– The second volume, “Rain” includes 50 pieces of world-famous songs that are arranged for classical guitar.

– The third volume, “Rain, will you come back?” Includes 35 pieces from the author himself and some arranges from Motosart to Piazzola.

– The fourth volume, called “The Gardener”, consists of 40 pieces that most of them are Azeri and Armenian and also 5 pieces of the rainbow album by late Javidan “Samin Baghcheban” for classical guitar.

– The fifth volume, titled “Motherland,” consists of 70 pieces of Mr Shirali’s compositions for classical guitar.

– The sixth volume, “Forgetfulness”, includes 20 selected songs from Jan Thiersen which are arranged to duet for guitar.

I hope this collection can fill the gap that exists in the Iranian Classical Guitar Players community and musicians – at all levels – can use these pieces in their repertoire. As long as we do not put a value on our artists, musicians, composers and other artists, how do we expect it to be raised in the world of art outside of Iran? Iran is a source of pride in having artists like Peymsn Shirali and it is true that composing, arranging and publishing six volumes of books with more than 250 pieces for classical guitar by him is praiseworthy.

Jamal Zohourian