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Samin Baghchehban- memorial

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heard at the peak of the bustle from the window of our house.

Those lily notes have  made the garden of mind all colorful. The silence of “lullaby” was the saddest peace and dream which has turned pages of the concept of imagination in every old house with light blue people.

Moments on a bench, I have been sitting with a colorful umbrella watching melted snow. Everywhere was a sound of music but there was no sign of the resonance of Baghchehban notes.

I wanted to write a piece for Nowrooz 92 and I thought what theme would be more splendid and brighter than “is it Nowrooz yet?” and at that year I have wrote “Gloomy Nowrouz”  based on the theme of “ is it Nowrouz yet?”.

In these two years all my effort was to create a memory and image of that noble man in ears and looks of everyone in any hall it would be perform.

This piece also have had written for ensemble instruments and I have plan to hold a memorial“Samin Baghchehban”.

How sad it is when a man writes himself to the depth of his soul but haven’t been heard correctly!

Suddenly I decided to write a piece in the memory of my music master “Baghchehban” .

Days passed by. The sound of crying notes have had stayed silent for me. Months passed with a theme that I missed and pulled me down to a whirlpool but haven’t been written. Until one day I decided to call my music master Mr.Zohourian. Based on my recognition of him and his recognition of Baghchehban I knew that he was the best choice to be my partner in this work.

I shared the subject with him, and after weeks when the theme became completed and after all that suffering I tolerated because of this melody, in 22nd of Aban of year 1394 (13th of November of year 2015 ) I succeeded in writing them in the ledger lines of my notebook.

Baghcheheban hands were a big cloud in the sky of music of this country which turned all the light into the darkness raining when he’d gone.

And with no doubt the effect of Samin Baghchehban music on children’s instruction was not less than Carl Orf’s works on children’s instruction.

With all my loneliness tears I wrote these rows to Samin Baghchehban :

Your arms nest on mine

And like a jasmine branch

Talked to me about simplicity

You, that bird on the sky

And that fish in the sea

And the most beautiful snow that only

Will melt on these mountains

I want to flow

The notes you had taught to me

In the symphony of all the hearts

maybe, maybe, maybe

your steps

grow on the other side of world….

Peyman Shirali (94/08/27)

At the end of this memorial that would be good to celebrate his memory with the poetry of “chaharshanbe soori” quoted from “kaveh baghchehban”

“In Istanbul we didn’t have the possibility to have a chorus who knows Persian and sing Persian because of this I have insisted him previously to sing that with his own voice for me to record it. He said: what does it mean? I’m not a singer. But to convince me, he sang that only for two of us and as a memorial.

I have set up Chaharshanb soori which have had made for chorus and symphony orchestra which took 12 minutes in form of 3 minutes and with his own voice to be a gift and memorial for all the children of Iran  from the Baghchehban of the childhood garden”

It’s Nowrouz

It’s only once a year

Play the drum, Sorna and Senj today

You, the drum player where is the timpani and kettledrum

Clouds, moon and spring wind

The glass of my life is made of crystal

When God will give us life again

I wish everyday was Nowrouz

I wish everyday was Chaharshanbe soori

I’m the one and only child

I’m the flower of the vase

I received your letter and picture yesterday

The sprinkle of rain on the roof  here

Here is under the flower leaves and basils

Last night dew on the loaf of orange

My heart is missing you here

I wish everyday was Nowrouz

I wish everyday was Chaharshanbe soori

I’m the incendiary I’m once in a year

Have flower and basil all together today

You the star, you the star of rain

Make Iran’s night bright

Month Farvardin every day from Aban

Rain flower all over Iran

I wish everyday was Nowrouz

I wish everyday was Chaharshanbe soori